Karaniya Metta Sutta In English

Here’s are the lessons of what needs to be done to experience enlightenment:

First you must become skillful in being calm and peaceful;

Continually without sway, no matter where you are

and you must become straightforward, honest, kind and humble.

You must become contented and satisfied with simple livelihood

You must become free from attachments, greed, anger, lust, and vanity

You must control your senses and be seek only to be free from rebirth

Do not stray even to the slightest from the teachings of the wise

Treat all life equally and be discreet with your words and actions

No sayings or actions should deprive another an opportunity

to have true happiness and peace.

All life that exist, animate or inanimate, movableĀ or immovable

be it the greatest, the moderate or to the smallest subatomic level

strong or weak, in the gross or subtle bodies;

Those that are visible or invisible, close or far, born or inborn,

Wherever they are, all shall be free from suffering and be blessed with happiness

More than that, do not despise, hate or be angry

Do not cheat, deceive and create pain – bodily or mentally to anyone

Be filled with good thoughts and intentions at all time

Know that in whatever way a mother loves and protects her only child

And so in this way every beings shall be loved and protected ;

Cultivate your mind with such intentions of boundless love for all life

Radiate love, kindness and peace to the entire universe

Maintain and expand this thoughts without enmity to all directions

This is the way of doing it and it should become your usual way

whether when you are sitting or lying down

watch your drowsiness and have self consciousness

and perform loving kindness with austere devotion as said

And you will enter the sublime abiding and you will see truth

One who has seen the truth will be free from fear

he will observe the sila precepts and will be endowed with goodness

he will be free from attachments, greed or desire

and undoubtedly with this he will not be born again in another womb.