Loving Kindness Meditation Technique

Loving kindness meditation is often practiced by directing the feeling of love and kindness towards one’s own self by repeating sentences such as “may I be free from harm, danger, mental and physical suffering and may I be healthy, happy and peaceful”.

loving kindness meditation technique
loving kindness meditation technique

It is continued with similar thoughts of loving-kindness towards immediate family members such as parents or siblings and also towards friends or enemies by saying the following ( while visualizing them mentally ): May they be free from harm, danger, mental and physical sufferings and may they be healthy, happy and peaceful.

The thoughts of loving-kindness is also sent to all beings in this world, universe and beyond by saying the same sentences while visualizing them.

The word may is used when asking for something, expressing for wish or hope for something to happen. There is a difference between wishing or wanting someone to be happy and actually giving the person the love and happiness now. 

There’s nothing wrong with wishing for someone to be filled with love, happiness, kindness, compassion or freedom. However, it is wrong to ask these things for our own self. It is wrong because as soul we already possess all these within us,

True loving kindness meditation can only be expressed in this world if you understand who you are. You are soul and as soul you are love. Soul is love and love is soul; there’s no difference. Everyone is soul and thus everyone is love. 

As a true truth seeker, your purpose of life in this lifetime is to realize that you are soul ( love ). When you realize who you are and be yourself, you do not seek or you do not wish, you are naturally giving out love because that’s what you are; selfless love. 

Selfless love is a state of consciousness and that state of consciousness is also known as soul or atma. It is a perpetual selfless eternally forever-giving life sustaining being of love. It is also happiness, kindness, compassion, joy, bliss and freedom equally at the same time. It is a bluish white formless radiant light. 

Many people are trying to achieve this state of consciousness without knowing that they are already what they are trying to achieve or be. There’s nothing to achieve. You must realize who you are. This is self realization or enlightenment. Loving kindness opens the door for you to to enter into that state of consciousness.

Here’s how to do it :

Stage 1:


  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed
  2. sit in a comfortable position, with spine straight
  3. With eyes closed gently observe your natural breathing
  4. Give your obeisance to your Guru mentally now if you have one
  5. Continue to observe your breathing gently, you will become more and more relaxed
  6. Continue to relax and observe the inflow and outflow of your breath for few minute
  7. Now think about a time when you have felt so loved, happy and full of bliss
  8. Smile and feel that love and happy feeling and dwell on it and let it grow
  9. Now mentally in a gentle loving manner repeat the following three times: I AM ETERNAL LOVE, I AM ETERNAL HAPPINESS, I AM ETERNAL FREEDOM, I AM ETERNAL PEACE
  10. Now gently look at the right side of your inner visual screen in an oblique manner
  11. You will see a bright white loving light coming in slowly; without force just observe it
  12. As you observe, the loving light will grow and grow and grow and encompass you
  13. Visualize yourself becoming the light itself, you are this loving white light
  14. As you observe yourself like this, visualize a hint of bluish light within the white light
  15. Now you are this very bright spiritual being of bluish white light of love
  16. Your brightness is so bright like ten thousand suns put together
  17. Now visualize yourself ( as loving light ) expanding in all direction just like the sun
  18. Expand slowly like centrifugal ripples created when you throw a stone in still pool of water
  19. Expand slowly and cover your house and pass through every soul in your house;
  20. Your parents, siblings, wife, husband, children, relatives etc.
  21. Now expand beyond your house into your neighborhood and touch all the souls in your area
  22. Expand your love to your workplace, touching all the people you work with
  23. Now visualize all you despise or do not like, shine and show your love towards them one by one
  24. Now expand your light beyond your house, office, neighborhood and into entire city
  25. Now expand your love into the state, country, continent and the world itself
  26. As you expand your loving light touches all souls that your light come across
  27. Continue to expand your loving light touching other planets, stars and the universe
  28. Touch all the beings in the entire universe with your bright shining loving light
  30. Now slowly bring back your expanded light to where you are and just remain as pure love. Continue to observe the inflow and outflow of your breathing while looking at the inner screen.
  31. You can end your meditation session here by saying MAY THE BLESSINGS BE, THANK YOU and gently open your eyes or you can move into Stage 2 which is entering into deep state of samadhi by continuing with Breath Awareness Meditation technique.




Think of the sun. Day or night the sun continues to shine and be itself. It just radiates the rays outwardly forever without asking for something in return or something to happen. The sun does not care whether something on earth or anywhere in the entire universe uses it or be effected by it. The sun just shines. The sun does not force its radiation on anyone or anything. The sun just shines. The planet and everything nearby it uses the sun’s radiation according to their own needs but the sun does not care if they use the radiation or not.

The sun just shines without expectation. So does the soul. Soul cannot force its love on anything or anyone. Soul just shines. Soul just loves. Soul just radiates its own love outwardly towards all, in all direction, touching everything that it comes across, but soul never forces the love. You just be yourself. You give love but you don’t force someone to accept your love. You just love. This is the law of spiritual freedom. Loving kindness means being yourself and letting others be.